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Dr. Barry J. Faulk
219 Williams Building
850 644 6530

Director: Dr. Barry J. Faulk, Department of English

Critical theory is an interdisciplinary pursuit which is rapidly developing and actively pursued by scholars, both nationally and internationally. This endeavor touches all disciplines to some extent; the areas most involved to date include the national literatures, humanities, classics, philosophy, religion, history, the social sciences, the visual arts, and the performing arts. A positive result of contemporary critical theory has been to challenge the fundamental boundaries separating the academic disciplines. Theoretical speculations necessarily cross disciplines because investigative methods utilize a variety of disciplines. The Interdepartmental Certificate Program in Critical Theory provides an opportunity for students to work within a multidisciplinary structure and explore elements of theory that will enhance their major areas of study.

Admission Requirements

Any student who has been admitted to graduate study at The Florida State University as a regular or special student may apply for admission to this certificate program by a letter to the director of the certificate program outlining the students background and interest in certification. The student will then design a program of study in consultation with a faculty member in the program. The student will submit to the director a list of potential courses to satisfy the requirements listed below, approved by either the major professor for the student's graduate degree program or a professor who is a member of the certificate group.

Admission to the program is dependent on approval issued by the director of the program in consultation with the student's faculty advisor. This is not a degree program and does not satisfy the requirements of a graduate degree program. The certificate will only be awarded at the completion of a graduate degree.

Certification Requirements

The student must complete eighteen (18) semester hours of course work, including two topics seminars designed to meet the needs of students working in the interdisciplinary field of critical theory. Check with the director for the seminar prefix and section number each semester that fulfills the Topics Seminar requirement. In addition to these two seminars, the student must take twelve (12) semester hours of course work from approved courses such as the samples listed in Area II below. At least one of these courses should be an introductory survey or methods course within the students particular discipline.

The course of study must be completed with a "B" (3.0) average or better and with no grade below a 2.0. The certificate will culminate in a paper prepared for publication, revised from course work used for certification, and an oral presentation. Students will work in conjunction with their advisers on this project and will identify several journals and periodicals to which their papers may be submitted. The paper and evidence of course work will then be submitted to the director who will confer a certificate at the students completion of a graduate degree at The Florida State University.

Note: A course required for a degree program can also be used to satisfy the certificate program. Required course work outside of a student's degree program will therefore vary according to the specific course chosen and overlaps in requirements.

Sample Listing of Courses in Critical Theory

Area 1: Topics Seminars

Area 2: Course in Critical Theory

For Area 1, only one designated course per semester satisfies the topics seminar requirement. For Area 2, the list of applicable courses is determined by the steering committee, dependent on the course content and general direction. The candidate should check with the program director for guidance.