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Course Offerings Spring 2011

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Instructor Office E-Mail Programs
Anne Coldiron Wms 431 History of Text Technologies, Literature
Celia Daileader Wms 422 Literature
Francois Dupuigrenet Desroussilles Dodd 317 Religion, History of Text Technologies
Leigh Edwards Wms 439 Literature
Kristie Fleckenstein Wms 224 Rhetoric and Composition
David Gants Wms 316 History of Text Technologies, Literature
Stan Gontarski Wms 430 Literature
Tarez Samra Graban Wms 323 Rhetoric and Composition
Rhea Estelle Lathan Wms 222F Rhetoric and Composition
Michael Neal Wms 223C Rhetoric and Composition
Ned Stuckey-French Wms 325 Literature
Gary Taylor Wms 421 History of Text Technologies, Literature
Kathi Yancey Wms 223B Rhetoric and Composition