In This Issue

  1. James Knowlson: Editorial
  2. Samuel Beckett: 'Ghost Trio'

  3. John Pilling: Beckett's 'Proust'
  4. Hannelore Fahrenbach and John Fletcher: The 'Voice of silence': reason, imagination and creative sterility in 'Texts for nothing'
  5. S. E. Gontarski: Birth astride a grave: Samuel Beckett's 'Act Without Words I'
  6. Ruby Cohn: Beckett's German 'Godot'
  7. James Knowlson: Krapp's Last Tape: the evolution of a play, 1958-1975
  8. Richard L. Admussen: Samuel Beckett's unpublished writings
  9. Katharine J. Worth: Review article: Beckett's fine shades -- 'Play,' 'That time' and 'Footfalls'
  10. Practical aspects of theatre, radio and television:
    Rosemary Pountney: On acting Mouth in 'Not I'
    Katharine J. Worth: Audio-visual Beckett
  11. Book reviews
    John Fletcher: 'Samuel Beckett' by John Pilling
    John Pilling: 'Beckett the shape changer' A symposium edited by Katharine J. Worth
    John Bayley: 'Selected letters of James Joyce' edited by Richard Ellmann
    John McCormick: 'Plays' Eugène Ionesco, vol. 10, translated by Donald Watson
  12. Play reviews
    Martin Esslin: 'Godot' the authorized version at the Royal Court Theatre
    Rosemary Pountney: 'Happy days' at the National Theatre
    James Knowlson: 'La dernière bande' at the Greenwood Theatre
    John McCormick: 'Endgame' at Royal Court Theatre
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