In This Issue

  1. James Knowlson: Editorial
  2. In Memoriam: George Reavey
  3. Poems by George Reavey
  4. Tributes to George Reavey
  5. George Reavey and Samuel Beckett's early writing
  6. Victor Sage: Dickens and Beckett: two uses of materialism
  7. Rubin Rabinovitz: Time, space, and verisimilitude in Samuel Beckett's fiction
  8. Jeri L. Kroll: The surd as inadmissible evidence: the case of Attorney-general v. Henry McCabe
  9. Olga Bernal: Samuel Beckett: l'ecrivain et le savior
  10. Robin J. Davis: Beckett bibliography after Federman and Fletcher
  11. Enoch Brater: Fragment and Beckett's form in "That time" and Footfalls"
  12. Walter Asmus: Practical aspects of theatre, radio, and television: Rehearsal notes for the German premiere of Beckett's 'That time' and 'Footfalls' at the Schiller Theater Werkstatt, Berlin
  13. Book reviews
    John Fletcher: 'Beckett and broadcasting' by Clas Zilliacus
    Martin Esslin: 'The printer problem' by Austin E. Quigley
    Ian Fletcher: 'Out of Ireland: the poetry of W.B. Yeats' by Dudley Young
    A.J. Leventhal: 'transition: the history of the literary era' by A.J. Dougald McMillan
    David Bradby: 'French theatre today' by Garry O'Connor
    Hugh Rorrison: 'German theatre today' by Michael Patterson
    W.D Redfern: 'Sartre on theatre' edited by Michael Contat and Michel Rybalka
  14. Play review
    John Calder: 'The lively arts' three plays by Samuel Beckett, BBC 2, 17 April 1977
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