In This Issue

  1. James Knowlson: Editorial
  2. Samuel Beckett: All strange away
  3. Jeri Kroll: Belacqua as artist and lover: 'What a misfortune'
  4. Michael E. Mooney: 'Molloy,' part 1: Beckett's 'Discourse on method'
  5. Judith Dearlove: The voice and its words:'How it is in Beckett's canon'
  6. Celia Britton: The status of representation in Michel Butor's 'L'emploi du temps' and 'La modification'
  7. James Knowlson: Practical aspects of theatre, radio, and television: Extracts from an interview with Billie Whitelaw
  8. Malcolm Page: Review article: 'The perils of bibliography'
  9. Book reviews
    John Pilling: 'Samuel Beckett and the pessimistic tradition' by Steven J. Rosen
    Colin Duckworth: 'Beckett's "Happy Days": a manuscript study' by S.E. Gontarski
    A.J. Leventhal: 'Beckett/Beckett' by Vivian Mercier
    Bernard Benstock: 'James Joyce: the citizen and the artist' by C.H. Peake
    Shari Benstock: 'The sigla of Finnegan's wake' by Roland McHugh
    John Stokes: 'Oscar Wilde: a biography' by H. Montgomery Hyde
    John Bayley: 'The situation of poetry: contemporary poetry and its traditions' by Robert Pinksy
    David Bradby: 'Perspectives on plays' edited by Jane Lyman
  10. Play reviews
    Richard Cave: Two views of purgatory: Beckett and Yeats at the Edinburgh Festival 1977
    John Pilling: Beckett in Manhattan
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