In This Issue

  1. John Pilling: Editorial
  2. Samuel Beckett: 'neither'
  3. Thomas J. Cousineau: 'Watt': language as interdiction and consolation
  4. Peter Murphy: The nature and art of love in 'Enough'
  5. B.S. Hammond: Beckett and Pinter: towards a grammar of the absurd
  6. Robert Wilcher: The museum of tragedy: 'Endgame' and 'Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead'
  7. John Pilling: The living ginger: Jack B. Yeat's 'The charmed life'
  8. Ronald Hayman: Theatre Diary
  9. Play review
    James Knowlson: 'Pas' and 'Pas moi' at the Theatre d'Orsay
  10. Book reviews
    John Calder: 'Samuel Beckett: a biography' by Deirdre Bair
    Calvin Israel: 'Samuel Beckett: a biography' by Deirdre Bair
    John Fletcher: 'This hell of stories: a Hegelian approach to the novels of Samuel Beckett' by Hans-Joachim Schulz
    'Art and the artist in the works of Samuel Beckett' by Hannah Case Copeland
    'Structure de la trilogie de Beckett: Molloy, Malone meurt, L'Innommable' by Dina Sherzer
    S.E. Gontarski: 'Samuel Beckett's dramatic language' by James Eliopulos
    Martin Esslin: 'Das Werk von Samuel Beckett. Berliner Colloquium' edited by Hans Mayer and Uwe Johnson
    'Materialien zu Samuel Beckett's "Warten auf Godot"' edited by Ursula Dreysse
    'Materialen zu Beckett's Romanen' edited by Hartmut Englehardt and Dieter Mettler
    Marie Claude Hubert: 'L'anatomie de Samuel Beckett' by Peter Ehrhard
    Arnold Goldman: 'James Joyce: the undiscover'd country' by Bernard Benstock
    Shari Benstock: 'Ulysses in progress' by Micheal Groden
    Morris Beja: 'Two decades of Irish writing: a critical survey' edited by Douglas Dunn
    John Pilling: 'Vladimir Nabokov: America's Russian novelist' by G.M. Hyde
    William Harmon: 'The modes of modern writing: metaphor, metonymy and the typology of modern literature' by David Lodge
    Kevin O'Malley: 'An anatomy of drama' by Martin Esslin
    W.D. Redfern: 'Upon the pun' by Patrick Hughes and Paul Hammond
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