In This Issue

  1. John Pilling: Editorial
  2. Samuel Beckett: Heard in the dark 2
  3. James Acheson: Murphy's metaphysics
  4. Rubin Rabinovitz: 'Molloy' and the archetypal traveller
  5. Paul Lawley: Symbolic structure and creative obligation in 'Endgame'
  6. Michael Robinson: From purgatory to inferno: Beckett and Dante revisited
  7. Ronald Knowles: 'The Caretaker' and the 'point' of laughter
  8. Peter Murphy: Review article: 'All strange away' by Samuel Beckett
  9. Celia Britton: Review article: 'Fools say' by Nathalie Sarraute
  10. Ronald Hayman: Theatre diary
  11. Book reviews
    Martha Fehsenfeld: 'The Samuel Beckett collection: a catalogue'
    Ronald Knowles: 'Harold Pinter: an annotated bibliography' by Steven H. Gale; and "Where laughter stops' by Bernard F. Dukore
    Rudiger Imhof: 'Harold Pinter und die Problematik des Absurden Theaters' by Peter Munder; and 'Harold Pinter. Ein Beitrag zur Typologie des neuen englischen Dramas' by Karl-Heinz Stoll
    Michael Minden: 'Bertolt Brecht: The Collected Plays' (volumes one and seven), edited by John Willett and Ralph Manheim
    J.G. Weightman: 'Artaud and after' by Ronald Hayman
    W.D. Redfern: 'Sartre: images d'une vie'
  12. Play reviews
    James Knowlson: 'Happy days' in London
    John D. Shout: 'Happy days' in New York
  13. Photographic record of recent German productions of Beckett's plays
    Theatre 1 and Theatre 2
    Spiel (Play)
    Kommen und gehen (Come and go)
  14. John Pilling: The Cambridge Poetry Festival 1979, a review
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