In This Issue

  1. John Pilling: Editorial
  2. Samuel Beckett: One Evening
  3. Paul Lawley: 'Embers': an interpretation
  4. Anthony Jones: The French Murphy: from 'rare bird' to 'cancre'
  5. Ross Posnock: Beckett, Valery and 'Watt'
  6. Philip H. Solomon: Purgatory unpurged: time, space and language in 'Lessness'
  7. Katherine Kelly: The Orphic Mouth in 'Not I'
  8. Antoni Libera: Structure and pattern in 'That time'
  9. Janet Menzies: Beckett's bicycles
  10. Thomas J. Taylor: That again: a motif approach to the Beckett canon
  11. Lois Friedberg-Dobry: Four saints in two acts: a note on the Saints Macarius and the canonization of Gogo and Didi
  12. Clive Bush: Review article: An anarchy of new speech: notes on the American tradition of William Burroughs
    Play review
  13. Clas Zilliacus: Beckett versus Brecht in Helsinki, 1979
    Book reviews
  14. J.C.C. Mays: 'The Samuel Beckett manuscripts: a study' by Richard Admussen
  15. Melvin J. Friedman: Beckett and Joyce: friendship and fiction
  16. Enoch Brater: 'Yeats, Joyce and Beckett: new light on three modern Irish writers' edited by Kathleen McGrory and John Unterecker
  17. Tom Bishop: 'A student's guide to the plays of Samuel Beckett' by Beryl S. Fletcher, John Fletcher, Barry Smith and Walter Bachem; 'Happy days/Oh les beaux jours' edited by James Knowlson
  18. Margaret Davies: 'Dada and Surrealism reviewed' by Dawn Ades; 'Andre Breton and the first principles of Surrealism' by Franklin Rosemont; 'Selected Writings' by Andre Breton; 'seven Dada manifestoes' by Tristan Tzara; Collected French writings' by Jean Arp
  19. Barbara Brothers: 'Paycocks and others: Sean O'Casey's world' by Bernard Benstock
  20. David Bradby: 'The theatres of George Devine' by Irving Wardle
  21. Katherine Worth: 'Anger and detachment' by Micheal Anderson
  22. John Pilling: 'Night in Tunisia and other stories' by Neil Jordan; 'The ikon maker' by Desmond Hogan
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