In This Issue

  1. John Pilling: Editorial
  2. Linda Ben-Zvi: The schismatic self in 'A piece of monologue'
  3. J.D. O'Hara: Jung and the narratives of 'Molloy'
  4. James Hansford: 'Imagination dead imagine': the imagination and its context
  5. Peter Murphy: The nature of allegory in 'The lost ones', or the Quincunx Realistically Considered
  6. Sylvie Debevac Henning: 'Film': a dialogue between Beckett and Berkeley
  7. David Hayman: Joyce --> Beckett/Joyce
  8. Richard Pearce: From Joyce to Beckett: the tale that wags the telling
  9. J.C. Eade: The seventh scarf: a note on 'Murphy'
  10. John Pilling: Review article: 'Company'
    Play review
  11. Thomas J. Taylor: 'Footfalls' and 'Not I': the La Mama production of 1980
    Film review
  12. Richard Cave: 'Film'
    Book reviews
  13. David H. Hesla: 'Waiting for death: the philosophical significance of Beckett's "En attendant Godot"'
  14. H. Porter Abbott: 'The transformations of Godot'
  15. Edith Kern: 'From Buchner to Beckett'
  16. Victor Sage: 'Language in modern literature: innovation and experiment'
  17. Patrick Parrinder: 'The egghead republic: a short novel from the Horse Latitudes'
  18. Alan Munton: 'People's theatre'
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