In This Issue

  1. Alan Scheider: Obituary
  2. Heath Lees: 'Watt': music, tuning, and tonality
  3. Paul Lawley: Beckett's dramatic counterpoint: a reading of 'Play'
  4. Nicholas Zurbrugg: Beckett, Prout, and 'Dream of fair to middling women'
  5. Linda Ben-Zvi: Fritz Mauthner for Company
  6. Jean Yamasaki Toyama: Malone, the unoriginal centre
  7. Rei Noguchi: Style and strategy in 'Endgame'
  8. Anne C. Murch: Quoting from Godot: trends in contemporary French theatre
  9. Photographic record of recent Beckett productions
  10. Play reviews
    S.E Gontarski: 'Quad 1 and 11'; Beckett's sinister mime(s)
    John Pilling: 'Lessness' at the Oxford Playhouse
  11. Book reviews
    Kristin Morrison: 'Samuel Beckett's real silence' by Helene L. Baldwin
    Kevin O'Malley: 'Theatre workbook 1: "Krapp's last tape"' ed. James Knowlson
    James Acheson Beckett and the voice of species' by Eric P. Levy
    Konrad Schoetl: 'Samuel Beckett's Roman "Watt": eine Untersuchung des gnoseologischen Grundzuges' by Gottfried Buttner
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