In This Issue

  1. John Pilling: Editorial
  2. Sylvie Debevec Henning: The guffaw of the Abderite: 'Murphy' and the Democritean universe
  3. Nicola Ramsay: 'Watt' and the significance of the mirror image
  4. Ann Beer: 'Watt,' Knott and Beckett's bilingualism
  5. James Hansford: 'Imaginative transactions' in 'La falaise'
  6. Maurice Blackman: The shaping of a Beckett text: 'Play'
  7. James Knowlson: State of play: performance changes and Beckett scholarship
  8. J.E. Dearlove: Allusion to archetype
  9. Ronald Knowles: 'The Hothouse' and the epiphany of Harold Pinter
  10. Photographic record of recent Beckett productions
  11. John Pilling: Review article: 'Three occasional pieces'
  12. Play reviews
    Eileen Fischer: 'Company': a Mabou Mines production at the Public Theatre, New York City
  13. Book reviews
    Pierre Astier: 'The plays of Samuel Beckett' by I.K. Masih
    J.E. Dearlove: 'Structures in Beckett's "Watt"' by John C. DiPierro
    Susan Brienza: 'Accommodating the chaos: Samuel Beckett's nonrelational art' by J.E. Dearlove
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