In This Issue

  1. Editorial, S. E. Gontarski
  2. Interview with Rachel Burrows, S. E. Gontarski, Martha Fehsenfeld, and Dougald McMillan
  3. The Status of the Second Version of the Beckettian Text: The Evidence of the "Bing/Ping" Manuscripts, Brian T Fitch
  4. "Traduttore, traditore": Samuel Beckett's Translation of "Mercier et Camier," Steven Connor
  5. Une Structute D'Agression:"DisJoe," Betty Rojtman
  6. Beckett and the Temptation of Solipsism, Ileana Marculescu
  7. Beckett and Psychology, Rubin Rabinovitz
  8. Murphy's Surrender to Symmetry, Neil Taylor and Bryan Loughrey
  9. Fantasies of an Autobiographical Self: Thomas Bernhard, Raymond Federman, Samuel Beckett, Alfred Hornung
  10. The Demeter Myth in Beckett, Mary Doll
  11. The Weaving of Penelope's Tapestry, J. E. Dearlove
  12. Review Essay: Sam w Polsce/Sam in Poland, Charles Krance
  13. Samuel Beckett in Outer Space, David Leon Higdon
  14. Some Remarks on a Sentence in "Piece of Monologue," Antoni Libera
  15. Reviews: Books
    • College Literature, Breon Mitchell
    • Irish University Review, Nicholas Zurbrugg
    • The Shape of Paradox by Bert 0. States, Dougald McMillan

  16. Play Reviews
  17. Notes

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