Who We Are

PhD alums from FSU's Rhetoric and Composition Program are quite active in the profession. Here's what they are doing now:


Leah F. Cassorla (2015)
Dissertation: The Shifting Sands of Authority in the Age of Digital Convergence
Current Position: Publications Coordinator at Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Professional Interests: Intersectionality of network theory, digital convergence, network and surveillance rhetoric, and rhetoric of the Other.

Kendra L. Mitchell (2015)
Dissertation: Language in the Center: A Case Study of Multilingual Learners in a Historically Black University Writing Center
Current Position: Lecturer, University of Pretoria, Groenkloof (Fulbright ETA assignment)
Professional Interests: HBCUs, rhetorical silences, multilingualism, and the intersections of race, literacy, and writing center studies

Christine Martorana (2015)
Dissertation: " Looking Outside to Empower Within: Feminist Activists, Feminist Agency, and the Composition Classroom"
Current Position: Assistant Professor of English and Writing Program Director at College of Staten Island
Professional Interests: feminist agency, feminist activism, and composition pedagogy

Bret Zawilski (2015)
Dissertation: "When All That Is Old Becomes New: Transferring Writing Knowledge and Practice Across Print, Screen, and Network Spaces"
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition at Appalachian State University
Professional Interests: new media composition, multimodality, digital composing platforms, materiality, design and usability, and scientific rhetoric

Katherine Bridgman (2014)
Dissertation: Dissolving Transnational Boundaries: Interfaces and Invitations to Embody
Current Position: Assistant Professor of English and Writing Center Director at Texas A&M University, San Antonio
Professional Interests: teaching composition, writing center practice and theory, as well as historical and contemporary rhetorical theory; research on social media activism and digital interface

Leigh Graziano (2014)
Dissertation:Mourning the Dead: Living Memorials, Rhetorical Functions, and Everyday Multimodality
Current Position: Assistant Professor of English and Composition Program Director , University of Arkansas at Monticello
Professional Interests: visual-material rhetorics, especially everyday rhetorical practices; composition theory and practice; professional writing programs

Rory Lee (2014)
Dissertation: Now with More Modes?: The Curricular Design and Implementation of Multimodality in Undergraduate Major Programs in Writing/Rhetoric
Current Position: Assistant Professor in Digital Rhetorics, Ball State University
Professional Interests: multimodality and new media, undergraduate major programs, rhetorical history and theory, composition history and theory, and multiliteracy centers. Rory's CV, teaching philosophy, pedagogical materials, administrative experience, and recent scholarship are documented on his portfolio: www.roryportfolio.com.

Stephen McElroy (2014)
Dissertation: Assembling Postcards: The Multimodal Production of Curt Teich & Company
Current Position: Interim Director of the Reading-Writing Center and Johnston Ground Digital Studio, Florida State University
Professional Interests: assemblage theory and composition, writing centers and digital studios, digital archives, digital production

Josh Mehler (2014)
Dissertation: Mobile Vulgus: Everyday Writing, Portable Technology, and Counterpublics
Current Position: Learning Consultant @ Healthesystems, Tampa, FL
Professional Interests: print and digital text production, multimodal composition, historiography and everyday writing

Jennifer O'Malley (2014)
Dissertation: Writing as a Social Practice: How Interaction and Circulation are Enacted in the First-Year Writing Class
Current Position: Senior Instructional Designer/Editor at SOE Software
Professional Interests: composition practices, social media, professional communication

Elizabeth Powers (2014)
Dissertation: Restructuring Florida's Ethos
Current Position: Assistant Professor of English and Writing Center Director, University of Maine at Augusta
Professional Interests: rhetorical constructions of place, nineteenth-century visual and verbal media, open-source digital writing centers

Natalie Syzmanski (2014)
Dissertation: Untangling the Ecological Knots: Exploring the Creation and Maintenance of Sustainable Technology-enabled First Year Composition Programs
Current Position: Assistant Professor of English and Coordinator of the First-Year Writing Program at the University of Hawaii West Oahu
Professional Interests: sustainable technology initiatives, teaching and administrating composition, multimodal and digital composing

Matt Davis (2012)
Dissertation: Rhetorical Composing: A Multimodal, Multimedia Model of Literacy
Current Position: Assistant Professor of English, University of Massachusetts, Boston
Professional Interests: literacy studies, technology and composition, composition theory and pedagogy, and collaborative learning and writing

Scott Gage (2011)
Dissertation: Creating the Cult: Image-Word in the Formation of a Supremacist Community
Current Position: Assistant Professor of English, Texas A & M - San Antonio
Professional Interests: the rhetoric of white supremacy, specifically as expressed through lynching postcards; professional writing; rhetoric

Tony Ricks (2011)
Dissertation: Communal Belief and Textual Invention: An Ethnographic Analysis of First-Year College Students' Writing Processes in a Living Learning Community
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Alabama A&M
Professional Interests: writing center theory and practice, composing theory and practice, community writing

Liane Robertson (2011)
Dissertation: The Significance of Course Content in the Transfer of Writing Knowledge from First-Year Composition to Other Academic Contexts
Current Position: Assistant Professor of English, William Paterson University
Professional Interests: transfer, cross institutional research

Kara Taczak (2011)
Dissertation: Connecting the Dots: Does Reflection Foster Transfer?
Current Position: Lecturer in English, University of Denver
Professional Interests: reflection and transfer, composition theories and practices

Terra Williams Bradley (2006)
Dissertation: Student Discussion of Assigned Reading in Online First-Year Writing Courses
Current Position: Senior Editor, Office of Research in the College of Education, Florida State University
Professional Interests: educational funding for research, grant writing, proposals for federal, state, and local agencies and private foundations

Amy Hodges Hamilton (2005)
Dissertation: Writing From the Inside Out: Connecting Self and Community in the First-Year Writing Classroom
Current position: Associate Professor of English, Belmont University
Professional Interests: writing and psychology, first-year writing, creative nonfiction

Dan Melzer (2003)
Dissertation title: Assignments across the Curriculum: A Study of Writing in the Disciplines
Current position: University Reading and Writing Coordinator, California State University, Sacramento
Professional Interests: writing across the curriculum, writing centers, multiple literacies

Deborah Coxwell-Teague (1990)
Dissertation: The Effects of College-Level Academic SkillsTest Instruction on the Development of First-Year Writers
Current Position: Research Associate, Director of First-Year Composition, Florida State University
Professional Interests: composition pedagogy, writing program administration, mentoring