• 2021 FSU Grad Made Good: Neil St. John Rambana's career earns accolades

    Neil St. John Rambana graduated in 1992 with dual degrees in English and political science and added a master's in international affairs. He then earned his law degree, which opened the door for him to begin his practice in Tallahassee.

  • In-the-classroom lessons inspired English alumna's "out-of-this-world" images

    Andrea Loaiza credits the courses she took and insights she gained in the department for enhancing her photograph-to-storytelling skills.

  • Exploring the digital worlds on screens, at our fingertips

    Nitya Pandey is 8,000 miles from her home in Nepal, and the physical distance has guided her research toward exploring digital spaces and how people communicate through those spaces.

  • Brandi Nicole Martin challenges herself to write about challenging subjects

    Her poetry exploring the causes of trauma and mental illness garnered Martin prize-winning appreciation from the Missouri Review.


Student, Alumni, and Donor News

Jeremy Willis

English alumnus Jeremy Willis has discovered that his talent for telling stories fits well in the nonfiction world of sports journalism. His readiness to adapt has pushed him to a senior editor position with ESPN.

Michelle Presley

Michelle Presley reflects on her FSU English undergraduate experiences and speaks on the department’s current sustainability practices, including how COVID-19 and student actions influence FSU’s environmental footprint.

Brett Hanley

She found inspiration for her chapbook in a graduate course, reading love letters exchanged between Emily Dickinson and her sister-in-law. Hanley took a more modern perspective for the writing of her love poems.

Dorian Paul Rogers

A Florida State University graduate, he currently teaches English in the United Arab Emirates capital and runs a series of open mic nights and poetry slams called Rooftop Rhythms.

Lauren Gordon

Gordon is graduating from FSU in April 2021 with two majors and two minors. In addition to her academic accomplishments, she has leadership roles, work in publishing, and other organizational involvement on FSU’s campus.

Jaelynn Hart

Hart graduates in April 2021 with her English-Creative Writing degree, and her book Of Thrones and Thieves is set to be released in August 2021.

Raven Halle

Lessons learned in an Introduction to Poetry course persuaded Halle to switch majors to English, and the decision led to success as an undergraduate and a future of embracing the craft.

FSU seal

FSU's Undergraduate Research Symposium puts the spotlight on 15 English majors and their poster presentations in a virtual event open to the public.

FSU seal

The English department's Job Placement Committee and Placement Practicum course focus on preparing graduate students for the job search process.

Jensen Kervern

As an English-Editing, Writing, and Media major, she has gained skills and insights that strengthen her commitment to promote underrepresented voices through the newspaper and in her post-graduation goals.