Sample Occupations

Administrative Officer Advertising Occupations Archivist
Author Bookkeeper Broadcasting
Communications Community Relations Worker Computer Systems Analyst
Copywriter Critic Editor
Education Occupations Film Editor Foreign Service Officer
Freelance Writer Information Manager Interpreter
Job Analyst Journalist Lawyer
Librarian Literary Agent Magazine Publisher
Newspaper Editor Novelist/Writer Personnel Director
Proofreader Public Relations Manager Public Relations Specialist
Radio/Television Coordinator Reporter Scientist
Speech Writer Teacher/Professor Technical Writer
Translator Underwriter  

Sample Work Settings

Advertising Companies Aircraft Industry Banks
Book Publishers Businesses Broadcast Media/Radio
Chemical & Drug Companies Colleges Commercial/Specialty Magazines
Company/Independent Newsletters Corporate Communications Departments Educational Institutions
Federal Agencies Food Products Organizations Junior Colleges
Legal Firms Local School Boards Local and State Government
Magazine Publishers Museums Newspapers
Office Equipment Companies Philanthropic Foundations Public Relations Firms
Publishing Houses Television/Motion Pictures Theater
Trade Publications Travel & Tourism Universities