Graduate Certificate in Publishing and Editing

The Graduate Certificate in Publishing and Editing is a 12-hour certificate program that provides academic foundations in histories, theories, and practices of publishing and textual production, as well as practical training in professional writing and editing. The certificate program is an avenue for professional development both for current graduate students and for non-degree-seeking students who wish to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Eligibility Requirements

The Graduate Certificate in Publishing and Editing is open to the following:

  1. Graduate students in any FSU graduate program. Current graduate students must apply to the Certificate program before completing the second course for the Certificate.
  2. Non-degree-seeking students. This Certificate was designed with writers and editors from the community in mind—including city, county, state, and federal agency or department staff; business and corporate writers; and area freelance editors and authors. Before applying to the certificate program, these individuals must first be admitted as non-degree-seeking students in order to obtain an FSU EMPLID. Please contact Sheila Bagley, Academic Program Coordinator, Center for Academic and Professional Development (CAPD), for registration details:, 850.644.7551.

Application Process

To apply for the Certificate, please do the following:

  1. Complete this online application.
  2. Contact Dr. John Garcia ( regarding your interest in the program. Please include your FSU EMPLID in the email.

Non-degree-seeking students should be aware of the admission deadlines prior to each term.

Course and Credit Requirements

The 12-credit-hour Certificate in Publishing and Editing requires students to complete a combination of academic and practicum courses at the 5000 level. Currently, the Certificate requires that students attend face-to-face courses on FSU's main campus. Only the Editing Internship course, ENC 5945, may be completed remotely.

For current graduate students in English, the required 3-credit-hour course ENG 5801 may count toward both the Certificate and the curricular requirements of their degree program. 9 credit hours of Certificate credit must be taken above and beyond the curricular requirements of a graduate degree and may not count doubly toward the Certificate and a graduate degree. Graduate students enrolling in the Certificate program should plan accordingly.

  1. Academic courses: At least 3 credit hours in a letter-graded academic course in addition to the required three-credit hour course, ENG 5801, Introduction to the History of Text Technologies. The current list of Certificate-eligible courses is available here.
  2. Practicum courses: At least 3 credit hours in an editing and publishing practicum or editing internship. While ENC 5945, Editing Internship, is typically offered each term, the internship course will not be offered in the Fall of 2020; current Certificate students should plan to complete this requirement in a different semester. More information about the course is available on the Editing Internship page. Internships are graded S/U; they are not, however, eligible for tuition waivers according to the state’s criteria.
  3. Additional course work: The remaining credit hours may comprise course work in either category. Students may, for example, take up to 6 credit hours of ENC 5945 in addition to the 6 credit hours of academic course work, or students may take 3 academic courses (9 credit hours) and do an internship for the remaining 3 credit hours.

Certificate Completion

Upon completing the Certificate requirements and after the Registrar has posted grades for the final semester of coursework, students should submit a summary of Certificate coursework to Dr. Garcia. The four completed courses should be listed as follows:

ENC 5XXX. Course title. Fall 20YY. Professor ZZZ. 3 semester hours. Grade: A (B, C; S . . .).

A surface mailing address is required for receipt of the physical copy of the Certificate. The University Registrar will post completion notification on students’ permanent electronic file.


Professor John Garcia
Director, Graduate Certificate in Publishing and Editing
English Department
Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL 32306-1580

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