Graduate Placement

The PhD in English at Florida State University prepares graduates for a variety of academic, administrative, writing, editing, and media positions across the nation. FSU English PhDs hold tenure-track positions, teach at four-year research institutions, direct writing centers, edit literary magazines, and bring their expertise in the written word to careers in publicity, grant management, and instructional software development, among others.

Despite the challenging academic job market of the last several years, our program has a solid placement record. Graduate placement in FSU English is a year-round activity. In the Fall semester, students who are actively on the market or finishing up in that year have the option of enrolling in a credit-bearing practicum, where they meet and work weekly on the preparation of their written materials; on interview, job talk, teaching demonstration, and campus visit protocols (both pre- and post-COVID); and on related professionalization topics that are unique to academic and alt-academic positions. In this practicum, job seekers form a supportive peer cohort as they conduct the search from start to finish and articulate a professional trajectory beyond graduate school. That trajectory continues into the Spring semester, through a series of workshops on topics ranging from postdoctoral fellowships to teaching in the secondary academy to shaping an alt-, post-, or non-academic career in various industries to practicing career discernment, and culminating in an April orientation that readies students to either begin or renew their search into the following year. In both semesters, a faculty committee is on hand to help students review and perfect their materials, and the department hosts several rounds of mock interviews, mock job talks, and mock teaching demonstrations for small but open audiences. In sum, at FSU English, we take placement seriously and conduct it as an outgrowth of -- not an addendum to -- students' own rigorous professional trajectories.

Our graduate students and recent PhDs benefit from several kinds of professional support. First and most importantly, the English Department’s Graduate Placement Committee offers information sessions on navigating the job market, workshops application materials, organizes mock interviews, and provides feedback on practice job presentations. Read more about the placement committee in English major Sara Sanfilippo's artlcle, "Job placement resources offer English graduate students tools necessary to improve future options.

FSU’s Career Center also offers support specifically for graduate students seeking academic or non-academic positions:

Several professionalization and networking resources are available through FSU’s Graduate School:

Recommended resources for the non-academic job search:


FSU English Department Graduate Placement Since 2012


['TT' indicates 'tenure-track']

  • Asst. Prof of English, Writing Center Director, New Mexico Highlands U (TT)
  • Instructor, Embry Riddle University
  • VAP at FSU English
  • Faculty Associate for Writing Center at UW Madison
  • Asst. Professor of English, William Peace University (TT)
  • Term Faculty, Georgia Southern U
  • Lecturer in Fiction, UNC Chapel Hill
  • Program Officer, NEH (National Endowment for the Humanities)


['TT' indicates 'tenure-track']

  • VAP at FSU English 
  • Instructor, University of Alabama
  • Lecturer, Department of English, U Pittsburgh
  • Assistant Professor of English, FYW Coordinator, Valdosta State U (TT)
  • Assistant Professor of English, WVU Institute of Technology
  • Associate Director, University Writing, Auburn U
  • Asst. Teaching Professor, Dept. of Sociology, Iowa State U
  • Asst. Professor of English, Alcorn State U (TT)
  • Adjunct Instructor, FSU English
  • Asst. Professor of English, U Wisconsin-Eau Claire
  • Assoc. Director Grants and Grant Writing, U of Portland
  • Instructor at Maryland U (St. Louis)
  • Assistant Professor, English Renaissance Literature, Auburn University (TT)


['TT' indicates 'tenure-track']

  • VAP at FSU
  • Visiting Assistant Professor in the Allan K. Smith Center for Writing and Rhetoric, Trinity College
  • Assistant Professor of English, Northwestern State University of Louisiana (TT)
  • Assistant Professor of English, Minnesota State University Moorhead
  • Assistant Professor of First Year Studies, Stockton University
  • Visiting Instructor of English, University of South Florida
  • VAP at Seoul National University (Korea)
  • Instructor of English, Southeastern Louisiana State U
  • Instructor, Dept of English, University of Louisiana - Lafayette


['TT' indicates 'tenure-track']

  • Kenyon Review Fellow, Kenyon College
  • Creative Writing Factory, Ringling College of Art & Design (TT)
  • Instructor, Santa Fe Community College
  • Program and Grants Officer, Humanities, U of Iowa
  • Lecturer, Buffalo State University
  • Assistant Professor, WRD, DePaul University, Chicago
  • Independent Scholar, San Francisco
  • Upper School English Teacher, Westchester County Day School
  • Staff Writer, Tallahassee Magazine
  • Staff Writer, Literary Hub
  • Instructor, William Peace University
  • Visiting Instructor, English, FSU
  • Writing Studio Coordinator, Keiser University
  • Union Rep, Service Employees International Union 509, Boston chapter
  • Administrative Assistant, Agency for Heathcare Administration
  • Associate Publicist, Princeton University Press


['TT' indicates 'tenure-track']

  • Assistant Professor, Creative Writing, Malone University (TT)
  • Assistant Professor, English, Colgate University (TT)
  • Assistant Professor, English and Writing, U of Tampa (TT)
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, English, U of Southern Mississippi
  • Associate Professor, English, US Air Force Academy (TT)
  • Instructor, University of North Florida
  • Assistant Professor, English, Loyola University (TT)
  • Assistant Professor, English, FAMU (TT)
  • Post-Doc, FSU English Department
  • Assistant Professor, English, Liberty University (TT)
  • Associate Professor, English, Tallahassee Community College (TT)
  • Assistant Professor, Written Communication, Eastern Michigan University (TT)
  • Assistant Professor, English, College of Charleston (TT)
  • Assistant Professor, Rhetoric and Composition, U of North Georgia (TT)
  • Assistant Professor, English, Writing Center Director, Texas A&M U Central Texas (TT)
  • FSU Creative Writing Managing Director
  • Co-Editor, Cupboard Pamphlet (small press)


['TT' indicates 'tenure-track']

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Georgia Tech U
  • Instructor, University of Central Florida
  • Assistant Professor, Delta State U (TT)
  • Visiting Lecturer, FSU
  • Instructor, Arizona State U
  • Assistant Professor, English, Arkansas Tech U (TT)
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Manhattan College
  • Assistant Professor, English, Hartwick College (TT)
  • Instructor, Department of English, Texas A&M U, San Antonio
  • Assistant Prof, Queensborough Comm College (TT)
  • Post-Doc Teaching Fellow, Auburn U
  • Fulbright Lecturer, University of Pretoria
  • Assistant Professor, Writing Program Director, College of Staten Island (TT)
  • Assistant Professor, Rhetoric and Composition, Appalachian State U (TT)
  • Publications Coordinator, Hewlett Packard Enterprise


['TT' indicates tenure-track']

  • Assistant Professor, English, Writing Program Administrator, University of Hawaii West Oahu (TT)
  • Assistant Professor, English, Writing Center Director, Texas A&M San Antonio (TT)
  • Assistant Professor (TT), Composition Program Director, University of Arkansas Monticello (TT)
  • Assistant Professor, English, Ball State University (TT)
  • Assistant in English, Director of Reading-Writing Center & Digital Studio, Florida State University
  • Instructor, UC Santa Barbara
  • Assistant Professor, English, Writing Center Director, University of Maine (TT)
  • Senior Instructional Designer/Editor, SOE Software
  • Teacher, East Bay Senior High School
  • Assistant Professor, Loyola University-Baltimore (TT)
  • Instructor of Writing, New College of Florida
  • Adjunct Instructor, Medgar Evers College (CUNY)
  • Assistant Professor, Anna Maria College (TT)
  • Assistant Professor, Florida Southern College, Lakeland, Florida (TT)
  • Assistant Professor, American Lit and Culture, California State U Northridge (TT)
  • Student Development Specialist, Kinesiology, Health & Nutrition, U of Texas-San Antonio
  • Full-time faculty, Literature, Columbia Southern University (TT)
  • Assistant Professor, English, U of Texas-San Antonio (TT)
  • Visiting Instructor, English, Florida State University
  • Interim Writing Program Administrator, Arkansas State University-Queretaro
  • Assistant Professor, Africana Studies, U of Arizona (TT)
  • Instructor, English, U of Mississippi
  • Lecturer, English, California State U-Northridge
  • Lecturer, University of North Georgia
  • Assistant Professor, Humanities, U of Kansas (TT)
  • Audience Development Specialist, Public Radio International
  • Owner, Red Oak Real Estate LLC


['TT' indicates 'tenure-track']

  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Southern Mississippi U
  • Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University (TT)
  • Grant Analyst, Washington University-St. Louis
  • Assistant Professor, Montgomery College (TT)
  • Assistant Professor, Kennesaw State University (TT)
  • Lecturer, U of North Texas
  • Assistant Professor, Florida Gulf Coast University (TT)
  • Professor of English, Florida SouthWestern State College (TT)
  • Assistant Professor, Dept of Focused Inquiry, Virginia Commonwealth University (TT)
  • Assistant Professor of Medical Humanities, Florida State University College of Medicine (TT)
  • Grant Programs Manager, Council on Culture and the Arts (COCA), Southern Shakespeare Association
  • Digital Production Editor, Folger Shakespeare Library
  • Marketing/Proposal Coordinator, Nelson Nygaard Consulting


['TT' indicates 'tenure-track']

  • Assistant Professor, English, University of Massachusetts Boston (TT)
  • Assistant Professor, Centre College, Danville, KY (TT)
  • Assistant Professor, Colorado College of Mines (TT)
  • Instructor, U of Wisconsin-Platteville
  • Instructor, Keiser University (TT)
  • Assistant Professor of 19th-C Brit Lit, U of N Alabama (TT)
  • Instructor, Tougaloo College
  • Assistant Professor, Alabama State U (TT)
  • Lecturer, American University
  • Assistant Professor, Arizona Western U (TT)
  • Lecturer, Stoney Brook U
  • Professor of English, U of the Bahamas (TT)
  • Writer, Editor, Coder, Web Developer (freelance)
  • Editor, Emrys Journal
  • Information International Associate
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